Three things you didn’t know you needed in your fishing or hunting backpack

Every hunter or angler has their own collection of items that they carry in their backpack during every outdoor trip. It’s always a different set of items for every other person. It would be great to be able to carry the same items every time, but if we are to be practical, every hunting and fishing trip is different. This means we tend to carry a different set of items one day, then a different set of items the next day. These are, in my opinion, items that your backpack should always carry regardless of your intended activity.


To facilitate neatness and convenience

A zipper lock or zipper seal bag is quite useful for keeping used items including scent and lure items such as scent wicks and drag rags, or leftover bait and discarded fishing gear. After every trip, there will always be items to dispose of and this can’t be done in the wilderness or on the beach or lake. If you are to handle the smelly items that you need to throw in the garbage after the trip, you’ll need to put them in zip-tight bags that work to keep the rest of the things in your backpack from smelling bad.

Zip ties are also sensible to bring along, as they are useful for tagging the carcass or the fish. They also come handy for tying branches out of the way, or assuring that the fishing hook remains exposed and not embedded in the bait at the end of the fishing line. With the hook exposed, you won’t have to worry about the fish’s mouth getting injured when it bites the lure.

Wet wipes can be used to clean up after you’ve field dressed the deer. They also enable you to do your business in the woods when nature calls. Wet wipes are a lot better than toilet paper especially when you have to wipe fish oil or slime from your hands. A plastic garbage bag or two can be used to protect electronic devices when it rains in the wild or out on the water.


Helpful tools

Brush or fishing nippers are extremely helpful. A pair of brush nippers can be used to snip a branch or two that can ruin your shot. It can also be used to trim around your shooting space while sitting in your tree stand so there won’t be a wayward twig poking at the back of your head.

Fishing nippers work better for line cutting than a pair of scissors. Or better yet, just bring along a Swiss Army knife, which is a multi-tool that can do so much on the hunting and fishing trail. A lighter or fire starter lets you burn the ends of rope, seal plastic and start a fire in the middle of nowhere or on the river or lake.


For fastening and emergencies
Rope can be used for hauling things up into the treestand, thus ensuring greater safety. Rope can be used for temporarily attaching things to your backpack or treestand, fixing things that get broken or attaching lure dispensers to something. You also want to bring along a properly equipped first aid kit, with allergy and pain medication, bandages, skin antibiotic, diarrhea medicine and your personal medications, if any.



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