My Life

Hello there. I am James Carti. I work as a correspondent for a number of outdoor magazines. I am happy to have been able to get on the same page with everyone who loves a variety of outdoor activities that include fishing, hunting camping and bird watching. The beauty of what I do is the fact that there is no shortage of material, what with the many websites that provide plenty of information on my favorite leisure time activities. Add to that the many books and other published work available on the market covering those very topics, and I basically have a really easy time getting as much information as possible that I can use as material for this blog. This blog is designed to educate my readers about outdoor activities.


Don’t you just love the pine-scented fresh air when camping? Evenings spent around the campfire give you a sweet slice of heaven, especially when you’re with your special someone. Looking straight up into the night sky full of stars, either with your unaided eyes or using a stargazing telescope, is such a wonderful thing for many people and especially for me. I appreciate that some people love lazy and restful camping but I like it adventurous and active. However, one thing is common here, and that’s how camping offers restorative benefits for the body and spirit. I’d like to write about car camping and backpacking. I hope to be able to write about various camping gear including tents, sleeping bags and pads, camp furniture such as camp chairs and stools, camp kitchen equipment such as camping cookware and camp stoves.


I will also keep you entertained with information on camping clothes and camping hygiene gear. Although normal mild-weather clothes such as cargo pants, jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts and more are fine overall as camping apparel, I believe that for an ambitious hike and other strenuous activities, it’s better to wear purpose-designed outdoor clothes with revolutionary features including UV protection, vents, and quick-drying synthetic fabric. Hiking shoes or boots are always a better option than regular sneakers.


It’s a great thing that there’s a growing market for truck tents nowadays. Although the number of manufacturers of truck tents has just been limited to date, things are looking hopeful for this sector today across brands. I know the time will come when truck tents will become so popular that we will eventually experience the same difficulty in choosing which one to go for just like today’s fishing rods and reels and tents and more.


For hunting, we now have plenty of options on hunting knives, camping axes, crossbows, hunting rifles, tree blinds and climbing tree stands. I am pretty excited about those types of products as well. Fishing is not just about learning how to cast or do hook setting; it’s also about being able to distinguish from a huge range of fishing gear that will work for your fishing style. With the sheer number of fishing rods and reels, fishing apparel, polarized sunglasses, hats, fish finders, lures and baits as well as GPS devices, you could say I have my whole work cut out for me.


Truly a fascinating hobby, bird watching involves scouting out for the amazing, lovely birds that live on our planet. Aside from writing about the best locations for birding, I would also like to explore the bird watching equipment industry, which covers binoculars, spotting scopes, wildlife cameras and more.


Yep, with this blog, I also hope to connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts who value the money they invest in their gear as much as the  beautiful memories that can be created when engaging in their favorite outdoor activities. So guys, keep the peace and enjoy the outdoors with me.